• Sedela
    Self-regulated learning methods, learner models and trust are key issues to support lifelong learning. The mastering of self-regulated learning methods is enhanced by digital tools, as the willingness to develop digital literacy prove it. Learner models designed to develop such instrumentation lack a real collaboration between learning process support needs and new opportunities provided by data availability. Current support thanks to reflexive instrumentation is still very basic, related to short term or specific data. Trust in tools is becoming a central concern in digital society, especially when personal data are handled, as it is the case in learning. When trust is ensured, new innovative services may be designed that empower people and change their usage
  • Capacity
    Le projet de recherche "Capacity" (2014-2017) questionne le potentiel de la société numérique à distribuer plus égalitairement les capacités d’agir
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