DEFInnovation Mobilités actives

DEFInnovation Mobilités actives

le numérique pour développer de nouveaux services de mobilité active

Le DEFInnovation mobilités actives est un défi du programme image

Actives Mobility Challenge

Dernière mise à jour le le 16 mai 2016 par Denis Pansu

The Fing (“Fondation internet nouvelle génération”) and the “Club des villes et territoires cyclables” (a network of French cycling friendly cities) lead, with the help of the Ademe (the French Environnement & Energy Management Agency), a program on innovation and active mobility, entitled “Active Mobility challenge”.

Active transportations are booming: urban citizens get around by foot, by e-vehicle or by vehicle powered by human energy. Bikes are at the core of this new challenge whether their use is combined by other transportation modes or not. Several local councils seized the potential of cycling by re-organizing public space. In France, the image of cycling has changed significantly and the potential  uses of cycling have been broaden. The use of digital tools (tablets, smartphones, connected objects…) has become common for mobility.

Beyond the questions of facilities and infrastructures, this “Active Mobility challenge” aims at making real ideas of new services by crossing cycling with digital. Cycling can be used for various occasions: for a daily commute to work, as a leisure activity and for many uses, which will arise in the coming years. Our goal is to identify these new uses, to value their economic potential (jobs creation) and to formalize some of them.

This program will take place in three phases from 2015 to 2016:

- A creative exploration to open up new paths with the participation of people from different universe (Mars to October 2015)

- Drafting of scenarios based on a selection of creative ideas (November 2015 to Mai 2016)

- Production of models based on a selection of scenarios and developed in partnership with local communities (June to December 2016)

We invite you to follow the progress of the work during these three phases. Feel free to join the challenge!

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