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Should "data" be easy to provide and share by non-ICT-skilled citizens?

Démarré par Thierry Nabeth le 16 mai 2012

La commission Européenne a mise en place un espace de discussion afin d'impliquer tout le monde (cf. crowdsourcing) dans la préparation de l'agenda digital européen.

N'hésitez pas à venir participer afin de faire entendre votre voix, et ainsi aider à orienter la Commission Européenne dans ses choix.


Un exemple de discussion dans la section "data":

Data should be easy to provide and share by non-ICT-skilled citizens

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Submitted by ocorcho on Tue, 2012-05-15 12:24

Most of the tools for data provision and sharing are still difficult to use by people who do not have a high-ICT profile, what keeps us still in a Web1.0-like context, with data providers being the ones that publish data sources and making it difficult for others with no data sources available but with willingness to collaborate in such publication.
I am not only talking about the long tail of citizens in general, but also about a range of professionals (e.g., journalists) who may find it useful to manage existing datasets in a better manner, doing cross-links between datasets, changing formats, sharing and tagging them, etc.
The provision of better tools for them, with appropriate provenance mechanisms to ensure proper acknowledgement and to ensure that trust and confidence measures can be obtained from the combination of data sources, is still something that needs to be worked out, in my opinion.

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