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Mars 2016

  • 25 avril 2016

    Since 2012, the MesInfos Project (by Fing) has been exploring what would happen if organizations that gather personal data actually shared those datasets with the individuals concerned. From this starting point, MesInfos has set out to explore what could be a real paradigm shift in the digital economy.

    We call it “Self Data” : the collection, use and sharing of personal data by and for individuals, under their complete control and designed to fulfill their own needs and aspirations.

    The Self Data scenario implies that individuals will not only have access to their data, but will also be able to use it in different ways with the help of third party services (personal clouds, digital vaults, etc). Today, these services are forming a new market, the PIMS (Personal Information Management Services) market.

    Everywhere, series of initiatives are converging toward Self Data and PIMS, giving individual users not only more control over how others gather and use their personal data, but more power to actually use this data to their own ends.

    We are pleased to invite you for an exciting evening, to explore this new dynamic and meet startups, researchers and innovative organizations on the 25th of April (5.30pm-7pm) !

    Speakers (confirmed) :

    > Intro : Daniel Kaplan – From MesInfos Project (Fing) « If I (an organization) can use your data, you can too… however you please. »
    > Markus Sabadello – Presenting FreedomBox and XDI « Self-hosting, data portability, and the personal data ecosystem »
    > Tristan Nitot – Presenting CozyCloud « Store, sync, and share your data just the way you want it. »
    > Katryna Dow or Nathan Kinch – Presenting Meeco « A new service to help you manage life and all your important digital relationships. Add, organise, edit and securely share all your information »
    > Rory Donnely – Presenting « Unlock the power of personal data »
    > Conclusion : Antti Jogi Poikola – From MyData 2016 « Advancing human centric personal data »

    The conference will be followed by drinks.

    An event hosted by :

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